*Update – Adobe Acrobat DC – Windows 10 issues

Following my previous post on the installation instructions for the free software by Adobe called ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader DC”, I have found some major issues with installation on Windows 10.

Here is the link to my previous article…

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Step by step instructions for installation

I wanted to provide my readers with the issues I have seen twice with this software installed on my Windows 10 Home. Several times, my laptop did a reboot because as many of you know Windows 10 pretty much wants you to update almost every day. When the laptop came back up, I tried to open up a pdf and the application momentarily flickers on the screen and nothing happens afterwards. So pretty much I do not have a pdf reader, so I right click the pdf and use ‘open with’ and select the program ‘Microsoft Edge’. Oddly enough, the system in the default settings recommends this software application for opening pdfs?

I had another instance when the laptop rebooted and thought that the Adobe Reader would open up since some applications complain if they haven’t rebooted from a safe operation. However, these applications are able to correct themselves when they have detected an abnormal reboot whilst the application was running. Thinking that this might be the case, I tried opening the pdf and again the same thing happened.. a momentary millisecond flicker of the application and nothing.

I proceeded to download the Adobe Reader again, but needed to un-install it first from the Windows Add Remove. The reader installed fine and was able peruse the pdf files at my leisure. Well guess what, the laptop decided to reboot again (I gotta find a way to stop Windows rebooting unattended) and Adobe reader would not load. The same flicker of the application showed and disappeared.

By this time, I had enough and proceeded to point the default settings for pdf to open with Microsoft Edge.

Makes me wonder if Microsoft is attempting to block the pdf reader so that users can end up using Microsoft Edge. Just a thought.


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