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Ferdouse Khaleque PhD is a seasoned CQ5 architect/developer/implementor and has over 25 years experience in the world of IT following his PhD from Imperial College, London in Electrical Engineering. He holds a secret clearance in the US government offices.

His consultancy roles in CQ5 within the last 4 years were both with government bodies and private companies who were either at the beginning stages of CQ5 development or at an advanced stage of CQ5 implementation. He has worked in failed CQ5 projects where he single-handedly turned the enterprise CQ5 system to a highly usable architecture and platform for further development and business continuity.

He offers consultancy in the following:

  • Overall CQ5 strategy within the enterprise
  • Detailed architecture development of CQ5 solutions to the enterprise
  • Translation of business objectives to a CQ5 platform
  • Technical requirements of a CQ5 project (planning, sizing, scoping)
  • Migration from other WCMS
  • Solutions to issues in CQ5 projects (business and technical)
  • Integration legacy solutions (LDAP, GSA, Solr, SQL, Sharepoint)
  • Complete deliverables on CQ5 projects

Ferdouse can be reached through the contact form here.

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