Measuring a web page worth/value as it means to Google

How to measure individual worth of a page relative to the whole website – There are various tools for you to help in making that determination but you will need to experiment!

The other day I was finding ways to measure the actual performance of not the home page of a website but one of the deeper pages within the website itself. I tried searching for online tools to help me and looked around in Google for this. Oddly enough, when I typed in ‘web page worth in Google’ it presented me with all the websites that wanted to show me ranking of the domain name. Not what I wanted! Still I persevered and typed ‘measurement of web page in Google index’ to be more specific and again it returned those sets of pages. Some of these sites were completely off the subject and presented me with keyword research which was not useful. I then typed ‘web page performance in Google’ and low and behold I suspected what this was going to return, tuning the web page for speed and fast delivery. Again not what I had wanted. One could argue that performance could mean a number of things including what I was looking for ie. performance of the page in the Google index, right?

Anyway, I had to resort to other methods and got thinking hard about pages and what it meant in terms of ‘performance’. Okay, so one can determine a set of performance factors to evaluate the overall performance of the page in question. It was easy for me to see afterwards why I was not getting the results I was looking for because my question was too broad for the poor little google search engine. Here are the criterias I have listed that determines the overall page worth.

  1. Is it in the index? This is key, if your page is not listed in the google index, you can go on forever optimizing it but it will never be found by users or taken into consideration on any level of SEO for your website.On the page I was looking for, I did track down the page in the google index by simply putting the whole url into the search box. The next question on my mind was, how is this page viewed by Google in context to the rest of my website? What I mean is that each page on your site has some worth that adds value to your overall site, so what are the factors that determine this page importance, quality or value that will help me understand it’s importance to the whole site when it comes to Google.
  2. Head over to Google Analytics.Here you will get what you are looking for when it comes to the performance of this page relative to the other pages on your site. Assuming that your end goal is to get Google to send you traffic to that page then you will find the answers in the Google behavior > all pages section in Analytics. Having said that, bear in mind that Google also uses the page to include in its algorithm to determine the overall ranking of your site. This would also be an important piece of information for your search engine marketing but unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers to that yet. Maybe for another session next time.


page performance of a website


In order to get a performance measurement of this page, you need to type the complete page url in the search box shown in the diagram above. You will then be able to sort out the number of hits to that page from Google and thus an indicator of its performance and quality in the eyes of Google. Having said that, you should also note that just because this page does not get any hits could have some relevancy to the overall ranking of your site. This brings me to my reasons for scrutinizing such a page in so much detail. The point is, all your pages in the eyes of Google adds value to how Google will be ranking your website for all those valuable keywords that users search for. If you have been smart about SEO you will have some kind of theme which targets niche keywords that reflect the overall definition of your site. As an example, you maybe in the art business and you would thus target keywords that better reflect your business ie. selling art, buying art, tutorials in art etc etc. As you add each new page to your site it gives the site more importance, because remember content is king and Google will correspondingly rank you higher in those keywords. So there you have it, apart from your home page, all your collection of pages have relative value to your overall rankings for keywords that you are targeting.

I will be doing further work on this topic and doing on-site tweaks to determine overall quality of these page. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment on the post.

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