Gmail User – Find a date range of emails instead of having to page through

Find emails withing a specific date range in Gmail – very easy

I know most of you folks like to be productive especially when it comes to emailing and keeping in touche with your customers. What if you wanted to look up an old email but couldn’t remember the exact phrases to use in the search box to identify the email but you knew the approximate date. Well, help is here.

Google allows for nice search queries that can be used to pin-point those emails that you are looking for such as the date range search.

For example, lets say you want to search for an email within the date range 2010/1/1 to 2011/5/30 and you want to get all those emails so you can browse through rapidly. You simply add the following terms into your search box.

after:2010/1/1 before:2011/5/30

The search will give you a list of all emails within this date range.

Hope this has been useful!

how to find gmails within date range

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