Adobe Acrobat Reader DC – Step by step instructions for installation

Downloading the new Adobe Acrobat Reader (free version) can be a bit tricky as I found out. In the interim, any pdf file that I opened on my Windows 10 would be picked up by the Microsoft Edge. I must say, that I was not totally displeased with the way it handled pdf and if the native pdf reader was not around, I would settle for the Microsoft Edge. Basically, it allows for me to print which is an important aspect of my day to day productivity. Edge seems to do that and more (maybe do another blog post reviewing that).

Fig. 1 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC – available for download at Adobe site

Ok, so let’s  look at step by step on how to download Adobe’s original PDF reader. The new reader is unlike anything you have seen before and Adobe has added many features which I have not completely delved into yet.

  1. Got to the Adobe Acrobat Reader site (Fig 1)

  1. Download the free version by clicking on the button on the left (Fig 1)
  1. Here is the tricky bit…(Fig 2)

Fig. 2 Steps to install, watch for what you are installing

When I selected Install now (Fig 2), one can easily miss the important bits in the middle of the screen which is Adobe’s  way of attaching other  unwanted files into your system. Although they do provide the check boxes to un-check those installs, you can easily miss it as I did. If you did go through it like I did first time, the installer shows you Mcafee, Chrome etc installing on your machine and I had to quickly cancel out of it. Firstly, I hate McAfee and would never install it on my machine. If you guys still want a strong virus malware control I suggest AVG which is a gazillion times better than McAfee.

The other oddity of this install, is that when I did cancel out of it, I was looking for the exe file that should have been downloaded into my Downloads folder. I looked and looked and could not find it anywhere (Fig. 3), then I concluded that Adobe simply wipes out the exe file after the install which I confirmed after a successful install. Not sure if this is the right thing to do, since I have not seen any other applications that takes action and deletes something you downloaded.

Fig. 3 Exe file that is downloaded by Adobe and then removed after install

The installation is a breeze and you should end up with a final application shown in Fig. 4. Test it out by opening an old pdf file and if you are able to open it up on this new application, then you are done. Sometimes, the pdf maybe associated with another application type, in which case you need to right click and the select ‘open with’. Hope this helps.

Fig 4. Opened application with new untested features.

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