AEM (Adobe Experience Manager)

Adobe has gone from strength to strength in developing their highly popular web content management system and has just released Version 6.4. We are already undertaking some migration projects with clients from their previous version to their latest stable version of 6.4. Version 6.4 has major enhancements with the view to making life simpler and more productive for the front-end developer as well as backend developers whilst developing key features for business owners and decision makers.

We are proud to have been working on this Adobe platform from its humble beginnings in CQ 5.x to the highly tuned product that it is today. Some of our clients include the following:

  • Client: Adobe (Tech-Pro) :
    AEM Solutions Architecting/Development :
  • Worked with senior developers/architects in the POC program for Obamacare
  • Develop/architect AEM Adaptive AF forms on 6.2
  • Created/configured/documented platforms for AEM forms development (Mac, Ubuntu, Windows)
  • Develop, plan, execute AEM 6.3 for migration of current repositories
  • Development environment in Eclipse & Intellij IDEA, Maven, Github
  • Worked with stakeholders, PM, business, UX teams for developing project goals
  • Client: Nike (AKQA):
    AEM Solutions Architecting/Development :
  • Develop in-house - a new distributed system for NBA connect digital platform
  • Setup AEM 6.1, 6.3 environments for CI development/staging
  • Develop AEM 6.2 adaptive forms for the Rewards implementation
  • Setup Maven/Java environments for core project development
  • Lead the back-end team for third-party java integrations to the distributed system
  • Client FDIC Arlington, VA :
    AEM Solutions Architecting/Development/SME (Subject Matter Expert) :
  • Defined architecture and scripts for migration of department content into the CQ5 system.
  • Planned, developed migration work from CQ5 to AEM 6.1
  • Adopted agile methodology and solutions to define the new implementations of CQ applications.
  • Formulated training material for the overall strategy and vision of CQ within the organization.
  • Led teams of developers for CQ and Java, unix, wintel groups – delegation and completion of tasks related to client CQ requirements.

Other clients we have worked with:

Navy Federal Credit Union, Consular Affairs (US), Harlet Davidson, Sothebys